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Improve your

health today.

Health & Wellness

To improve the health,

well-being and quality of life of individuals by empowering people to promote and model positive attitudes and behaviors through a lifelong commitment to wellness.


To create and operate a marketing cooperative that promotes regional farm diversity  and economic stability by the means of organic agricultural methods and the sale of certified organic products.




Animal Wellness

To improve safe and sustainable use of livestock and domestic animals - ensuring a better quality of lives through healthy livestock food and nutritional security through Probiotics. A world where all people have access to enough Organic food and livelihood options to fulfill their ​potential.


To improve the environmental quality of our community by partnering with area business, community leaders and neighbors to work together to create a clean and safe place to live and work for

future generations.

What is Life Vida Probiotics?

Life / Vida Probiotics, LLC are a specially blended family of microorganisms. Life / Vida’s technology is based on the principles of James Martin and his invention of “living water” that, after 50 years, still has individuals discussing the increases that Mr. Martin achieved with his microbes in health benefits. Our products work in the opposite manner from antibacterial products, in that they introduce beneficial microorganisms into a living system rather than killing the “bad” bacteria. The repetitive introduction of beneficial microorganisms in any living system will ensure that the healthy microbes dominate the disease causing populations.​

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