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Our high level of liquid probiotics in our Natural Treatment Solution helps clean and transform oil and other chemicals into a non-toxic status. This natural product helps clean and transform grease into a non-toxic residue safe for drains. Our product is available by the gallon, five-gallon, or totes (275gl.) Our products are 100% chemical free and safe for people, pets, and plants. Our cost for a gallon is $59.00 and $299.00 for a 5 gallon jug. 

Our First Responder product was developed as a natural sanitizer, disinfectant and cleaner ideal to replace dangerous chemicals and toxic fumes. This natural product is ideal for schools, churches, day cares, businesses and homes that seek a safe but effective product. Through its liquid form, it can be sprayed safely and inhaled. The product too is safe for people, pets and plants. We offer our spraying services starting at $60.00 for homes, $80 for businesses and available on a short notice when necessary.  

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