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Used To Help Remedy:

• Burns

• Boils

• Warts

• Guards against flues

• Infections Herpes

• Bronchial problems

• Guards against colds

• Faster healing

• Sores

• Pneumonia

• Ear infections
• Nasal infections

• Cleanse colon

• Yeast infections


Helps To Avoid:

• Flues

• Colds


Recommended Dosage:
It is recommended that you drink an ounce a day for five days. For cuts, abrasions, infections and other skin problems spray 3 to 5 times per day or as needed.


Why choose Life Vida Probiotics?

• A specialty blend of microbes for a healthy body and mind.

• No pills, powders, or capsules!

• 100% Organic Liquid

Healing Solution 3.5 oz.

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